The public is welcome to fish from Discovery Pier and enjoy what we believe is the best shore-based fishing venue in the area. The Pier is perched on the edge of the drop-off with water depth ranging from 10′ to 30′, so big fish cruise by within casting range. Good populations of Small Mouth Bass, Rock Bass, Perch, Bluegills and other pan fish can be found due to the bottom structure and habitat. Depending on season and water temperatures, the prospects of catching a Brown Trout, Lake Trout or Salmon is worth a try. 

The perimeter railing on the pier is painted green where fishing is allowed and signs indicate the beginning and end points. Fishing is allowed at all times when the Pier is open (dawn to dusk, May to November) in those areas marked green EXCEPT when (on limited occasions) a visiting vessel is berthed in a green areas.