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Nonprofits After Hours – May 2

Open House at the Discovery Center Collaborative

Come to an open house to check out Traverse City’s newest coworking space. Established for nonprofit organizations and the people who work for them. Food and beverages will be served, along with the opportunity to spend time in great company.

Event Details
13170 S West Bay Shore Drive
Traverse City, Mich, 49684
Thursday, May 2nd
4 pm to 6 pm
This is truly an open house – just stop by…

The Collaborative offers a wide array of modern amenities for organizations and individuals. This coworking space’s goal is to bring organizations and individuals with parallel missions together under one roof to increase programmatic cooperation, share innovative ideas, leverage the efficiencies of collaboration, and enjoy the company of people from like-minded organizations.

The Discovery Center ~ Great Lakes is the umbrella organization that is currently home to three major initiatives. The Discovery Pier, the Discovery Center, and now the Discovery Center Collaborative. The Pier is a unique publicly accessible waterfront destination with the largest fleet of tall ships on the American side of the Great Lakes, shore-based deepwater fishing, cruise ship port-of-call, a place for special events, and much more.

The Discovery Center is the shared campus and home to:

The Discovery Center Collaborative is the newest facility to share the “Discovery” brand. We know that the synergy of bringing people together in the same workplace has great potential for creating new ideas and new collaborations.

The Vision of the Discovery Center ~ Great Lakes is to be is “a collaborative place that connects and inspires people to protect the Great Lakes and natural resources which are precious, unique and vital to our community and our lives.”

We are a member of the Nonprofit Centers Network.