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Grant will transform coal dock property

Elmwood Township resident George Preston doesn’t know much about Discovery Pier. However, he’s observed the “old coal dock” in Grelickville since the 1970s, and was less than impressed.

“I remember the big pile of coal on it — on both sides of the road, actually. It does look better. They’ve done a good job with cleaning it up,” Preston said.

Give the place another 18 months, and Preston may not recognize it.

A nearly $600,000 influx of funds has moved ahead plans by Rotary Charities to transform the industrial coal dock into a community recreation area pleasing to the eye.

“It was a good week last week,” said Matt McDonough, executive director of Discovery Center Great Lakes. McDonough was hired 16 months ago to lead the aggressive project. If all goes as scheduled — including fund raising $1.1 million toward the $1.7 million total cost — construction on the pier would begin in about a year and be completed in time for the summer tourist season of 2022.

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