Ship Shapes 2015 Construction

Over a period of of seven weeks in the fall of 2015 more than a dozen volunteers devoted over 250 work hours to begin the construction of the Ship Shapes exhibit in the courtyard at the Discovery Center.

A modern recreational sloop — a 19-foot O’Day Mariner — was generously donated to the Discovery Center and sunk below the deck level. Posts were installed for interpretive signs which will be installed in the spring of 2016 and are funded by the Michigan Humanities Council.

We will construct a stylized facsimile of a Mackinaw boat by building its profile into the deck. It will have two masts and sails. The sloop has one mast, with a main sail and foresail. Sails on both boats will be made of netting, Both the Mackinaw boat and the sloop will have sails that raise and tillers that visitors can manipulate while they imagine sailing the boats.

Here are ten photos showing the project as it progressed. To see the entire gallery of 54 photos, visit our Flickr site.