Partner Planning

As part of the advance planning for this project, the four partner organizations each met separately to identify their own organization’s preliminary facility needs. Ideas included items that would commonly be expected, such as conference space, staff offices, and a copy room. Each organization also brought their own specialized needs to the table.

On October 4, 2011, a Project Partner Summit was convened. Project Partners consisted of the staff, board, and leadership volunteers from each of the four partner organizations. A total of 30 people, with representatives from the partner organizations, attended the Summit.

The focus for this meeting was not, “What does my organization want from improvements to the site?” Rather the focus was, “What can my organization and the other partner organizations do collectively as the Discovery Center that will benefit our community?” Many creative and innovative ideas came out of this session.

To see the wide array of creative ideas that came out of this planning process, click: Project Partners Summit Summary Findings.

After the completion of the focus groups and community survey, each partner organization sat down with Cornerstone Architects and refined their preliminary facility needs into a more defined description. The architect discussed individual goals, needs, and desires for each organization.