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Designs Released!

John Dancer, with Cornerstone Architects, has released several beautiful renderings of the design for the future facility for Discovery Center ~ Great Lakes.

These designs are the result of a year-long planning process, during which we gathered information from the four partner organizations of Discovery Center, as well individuals, community leaders, and educators in our area. The facility will serve the needs, for both space and programming, of the Discovery Center organizations and the local community, while integrating the surrounding natural resources.

This modern, energy-efficient facility will enable Discovery Center to become a preeminent educational center that facilitates understanding and stewardship of the Great Lakes for residents of and visitors to our community, a vibrant center where non-profit organizations dedicated to water-related issues can come together and share resources.

Discovery Center ~ Great Lakes is becoming one of the area’s leading cultural, educational, recreational attractions.

Your comments are welcome! Please visit the page of Design Graphics and let us know what you think.

The graphics are also available as high-resolution PDFs.

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