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Collaborative Near Completion

lounge area
The lounge area with a view of West Bay

For the past several months, the Discovery Center has worked to renovate the old Family Video building. It is now nearly complete. We created a co-working space for nonprofits focused on water and natural resources. Our goal is to bring organizations and individuals with parallel missions together under one roof to increase cooperation and share innovative ideas.

The renovation was substantial. For example, we added new walls and  created two modern conference rooms. We also repainted the entire interior and installed recycled carpet. Energy efficient LED lights were installed throughout. There is also a special lounge area for informal meetings or use as a casual workspace.

Recycled carpet squares after shampooing

We can accommodate work groups of two to nine people in a segregated semi-private area designed to enhance team interaction, minimize outside distractions, and provide some degree of privacy. While the overall floor plan is open office, a small to mid-sized nonprofit organization can find a niche to operate comfortably. Larger organizations will have access to outside walls for bookshelves, whiteboards, and organizational artwork.

We can also accommodate part-time drop in workers, such as volunteer coordinators or bookkeepers. For extra privacy, you can make phone calls in the special phone booth, and meetings can be held in one of the two conference rooms. Organizations from group work areas are entitled to 10 hours of scheduled conference room time per month, and are free to use either conference room at no cost when it is not scheduled.

For more information visit our Collaborative Amenities page.