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Chemical Bank Workbee

October 13th was a bank holiday and the Discovery Center had the special good fortune to be visited by a team of twenty-four employees from the newly renamed Chemical Bank (f/k/a Northwest Bank). They came and worked all morning performing the labors of Hercules at the Discovery Center. They spruced up, cleaned up, and winterized the entire campus. And when you’re dealing with a large property, five buildings, and a waterfront, that’s a lot!

While we’re extremely grateful for all of the hard work from the two dozen Chemical Bank employees who gave up their morning to the Discovery Center, we also hope that helping us out was an effective team-building activity for the group.

Chemical Bank employees
18 of the 24 Chemical Bank employees who worked the Discovery Center on October 13th

Thanks to everyone:

Mona Alpers
Scott Ashurst
Jeff Bach
Mick Baird
Mack Beers
Lynn Chouinard
Candice Cole
LuAnne Dennis
Trish Dormitzer
Sam Drelles
Eric Fournier
Zach Hegg

Ian Hollands
Amy Jay
Matthew Knust
Sabina Landt
Lindsey Martinchek
Vickie Mathis
Justin Street
Susan Tarczon
Sid Van Slyke
Lori VanAntwerp
Cory VanBrocklin
Justin Wolf


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