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Followup-up 3rd Coast Conversation

Thursday June 6, 4 – 6pm
Discovery Center Collaborative
13170 S West Bay Shore Drive

February 3rd Coast ConversationWhat does water mean to you? Water is a source of beauty, livelihood, recreation, spiritual connection, food, life itself. The fresh water of Grand Traverse Bay defines our sense of place and is an essential element of life in our community.

In February, the Discovery Center ~ Great Lakes hosted a Third Coast Conversation, funded by a grant from Michigan Humanities. Approximately 60 people attended. Using a unique style of facilitated conversation, the participants talked about the meaning of water in terms of ecology, healing, history, and culture. One participant said that she was thrilled to attend an event where people talked together about art and poetry, all connected to water. Many of those in attendance said that they learned something new or had their perspective on water changed by the conversation. To see an online album of photos from the first event, visit our Flickr site.

You are invited to continue the conversation with us, on Thursday, June 6 from 4:00-6:00 pm at the Discovery Center Collaborative. The conversation will take a deeper dive into the topic of water and how it shapes the identities of the people who live near the Grand Traverse Bay and its watershed, and how water defines our sense of place.

As with the first event, the conversation is the goal. There is no expectation of creating an action plan or solving any community problems. The purpose of the gathering is for people to connect with each other through a deep conversation (with trained facilitators) about the meaning of water in our lives and our community.

There is no need to have participated in the first conversation to participate, but the folks who did are cordially invited to join us again.

The event is free of charge and limited to 50 participants. Because of the limited size, preregistration is strongly encouraged. Refreshments will be provided.

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