Support the Discovery Pier

Donor Recognition for Discovery Pier
Preliminary Items – 2017-2018

Thank you for your interest in supporting the improvement of the Discovery Pier as  a waterfront destination for people of all ages, needs, and abilities. The following items provide an opportunity for donor recognition during this initial phase of converting the former coal dock into a park-like educational setting.

Bridge to Greilickville Harbor Park $50,000
Solar/wind powered light fixtures* (5)  $15,000
Drinking Fountain (with water bottle filler) $7,500
Yardarm style nautical flag pole  $5,000
A pair of Britten banners on all four corners of dock                    $3,000
Park Benches (3 remaining)  $1,500
Picnic Tables (4)  $1,000
Four fluttery banners on east wall of dock  $1,000
Bike Rack  $750

Items with a number in parentheses indicates that there are multiple donor opportunities—for example there were five park benches with a minimum donation of $1,500 each. By contrast, the donation amounts established for the two sets of banners are for the entire set.

It is anticipated that the donor will be acknowledged on site for more than five years. However, we can state with certainty that the donor recognition will remain in place for at least three years from the date of installing the plaque or donor sign. Certain items will enjoy greater longevity than others (e.g. a park bench vs. banners). In addition to being recognized with a plaque or sign on site, donations will be recognized on both Rotary’s and the Discovery Pier’s websites for at least three years.

Donations of $15,000 or more will allow the donor to customize the donor recognition plague or sign to a certain extent. This customization can include the addition a business logo or design. Customization will be based on a mutually agreeable design.

* The lights will not be installed until adequate funding has been secured for all five fixtures.

To download a two-page PDF with images of donor recognition items click here.