Master Facilities Plan

Through the Discovery Center ~ Great Lakes Facilities Planning process, we gathered information from the organizations and people currently involved with Discovery Center, as well individuals, community leaders, and educators in our area. This information was then carefully collected, sifted, and used by Cornerstone Architects and the Discovery Center Planning Team to inform the design of a Master Facilities Plan that would best serve the needs, for both space and programming, of the Discovery Center organizations and the community, while integrating the surrounding natural resources. Over a series of planning sessions and focus groups, the Planning Team, along with Cornerstone Architects, worked together to refine these plans.

The Planning Team embraced the following suggestions to be included in the Master Facilities Site Plan:

  • Well-integrated buildings and plaza/display areas
  • A crossing/bridge on the north end of the building
  • An angled building that accommodates the wetlands on the property
  • Green roof edges that pick up storm-water runoff
  • A design that could work well to pick up solar energy

The Master Facilities Plan below is not only the result of this careful refinement and collaboration between Discovery Center ~ Great Lakes and Cornerstone Architects, it also represents a year’s worth of community effort and input. If you were a part of this effort, we offer you our sincere thanks.

For a downloadable pdf of this plan, click here: Discovery Center Master Plan.