Project Tasks

The project consists of the following tasks:

Already Completed:

  1. Convene the primary stakeholders (staff, boards, and active members from all four organizations) to brainstorm elements of the community needs and visions for the site.
  2. Distill those ideas into a series of questions that can be put into a Community Needs Assessment.
  3. Hold facilitated meetings with the Discovery Center and architect and site planner to:
    A. Refine and add questions that master facilities plan will address.
    B. Discuss elements of the community needs assessment survey and focus group process to get input for planning.
  4. Conduct community needs assessment survey and convene focus groups.
  5. Architect prepares preliminary master facilities plan design concepts.
  6. Convene facilitated meetings with Discovery Center and architect and site planner to discuss, review, and revise preliminary master facilities plan concepts.
  7. Revise master facilities plan concept; the Discovery Center meets to review.

In Process:

  1. Prepare master facilities plan concept report, including preliminary budget ranges. Project is scoped in phases, if applicable.
  2. Engage capital campaign feasibility study consultant.
  3. Conduct capital campaign feasibility study.
  4. Revise/amend master facilities plan concepts as necessary based upon capital campaign feasibility study results.

At the completion of this project, the Discovery Center will have comprehensive information to chart the next steps to realize and implement a master facilities plan.