Case for Support

Vision Statement for the Project

The Discovery Center ~ Great Lakes will become a preeminent educational center that facilitatesSignPlusAerial_C understanding and stewardship of the Great Lakes for residents of and visitors to our community, a vibrant center where nonprofit organizations dedicated to water-related issues can come together and share resources. Discovery Center ~ Great Lakes will be one of the area’s leading cultural, educational, recreational attractions.

Description of the Project

This is a joint capital facilities project to design and build a modern, energy-efficient, green-design facility that will advance the development of the Discovery Center ~ Great Lakes campus and enable the Center and its partner organizations to better fulfill their missions and goals, and more effectively deliver their programs. The shared space will provide greater opportunity for physical collaboration and programmatic cooperation among the partner organizations of Discovery Center, and will serve their needs, for both space and programming, as well as the needs of the wider community, while integrating the abundant natural resources that surround the beautiful campus.

This project fits squarely within the community’s current efforts to improve the waterfront near the Discovery Center, including the new Greilickville Harbor Park, the proposed Elmwood Marina improvement project, and Elmwood Township’s current development of a waterfront district throughout the corridor. These improvements will move the area forward to become a destination and unique attraction.