Active Waterfront Possibilities

Discovery Pier Concept Plan

With the Community Pier & Harbor, the public will be able to engage in a variety of water-related activities. The Harbor & Pier will be focused on public benefit.

Community Harbor & Pier Goals

The goals of the Discovery Community Harbor & Pier as currently envisioned are as follows.

1. To provide a location for the partners in the Discovery Center to operate and display their vessels, including:

a. Maritime Heritage Alliance’s historic tall ships, such as the Madeline, Champion,and numerous other boats, including voyageur canoes, Mackinaw boats, etc.

b. Traverse Tall Ship Company’s schooner Manitou

c. Watershed Center’s research and education vessel, Bay Monitor

d. Traverse Area Community Sailing’s High School Sailing fleet and planned keel-boat fleet

e. Inland Seas schoolship, programs, and activities

2. To create a public gateway to West Bay, providing public access to this public asset, enabling our community and its many visitors to engage in a wide range of possible activities:

a. Tour historic tall ships and encounter maritime history

b. Cruise the Bay on historic tall ships including Traverse Tall Ship Co.’s schooner Manitou

c. Charter a captained Great Lakes fishing boat from a fleet centered at the Community Harbor

d. Fish from the east wall and have access to a fish-cleaning station for all anglers

e. Ride a water taxi across the Bay to Clinch Park, Power Island, etc.

f. Hire bare-boat and captained sailing charters and engage in learn-to-sail courses

g. Sail the Bay on one of several types of sailboats in a membership-based fleet

h. Dive the Grand Traverse Bay Underwater Preserve from a Community Harbor-based charter boat

i. Enjoy a pedestrian access point to the water, similar to Traverse City’s Open Space

j. Learn about the historical and environmental significance of the Bay and the Great Lakes

k. Attend water-based events such as regattas and fishing derbies, as well as other community events

l. Embark on and disembark from cruise ships and excursion boats plying the waters of the Bay

3. To reach out to under-served, disadvantaged, and/or special-needs populations and provide them with opportunities that might not otherwise be available to them, so that they may have access the water as described above.

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