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Marina District and Community Harbor

In the spring of 2012, Elmwood Township embarked on an ambitious and comprehensive community planning process that continued until August 2013, when the resulting “Greilickville Commercial Corridor Sub-Area Master Plan: A Focus on Placemaking and Creating a Walkable Waterfront Community” was adopted by the Township. To see the complete sub-area master plan click here.

That plan conceived a marina district that will be an exciting and energetic attraction for our region. Planners call it “placemaking.” The Discovery Center Community Harbor and Pier will be the placemaking centerpiece of this new marina district for our region. Places to eat, shop, walk, play, fish, learn, and enjoy West Bay will fill the new waterfront attraction.

Support our efforts to have Traverse City Light & Power make this plan possible for the Discovery Center, the community, and our region.


Rotary’s Thoughts on the Region’s Waterfront

At the February 13th joint study session with Traverse City Light & Power and the City of Traverse City, Marsha Smith of Rotary got up and made a very well-reasoned argument for the process and criteria that the City should use for disposing of surplus property. Her memo in support of her public comments can be found here: Rotary Memo regarding Surplus Property.

She made the following especially compelling argument:

For over 50 years the City of Traverse City has listened to the citizens and worked systematically to open our bay front for public use. This thoughtful and visionary framework has led to a world class waterfront that is accessible to all, regardless of economic status or physical ability. It has been the catalyst for adjoining units of government in Acme and Elmwood Townships to do the same.

Honestly, why would the City choose to reverse that trend now?